Permanent Dentures

A permanent solution is also available for you! If you’re tired of your current dentures moving around in your mouth, and think denture adhesive is bothersome, our denture replacement solution may be right for you. A fixed denture replacement solution consists of a dental implant bridge (sometimes called permanent dentures) that is supported by four or more dental implants. By using dental implants to secure the permanent dentures, the need for denture adhesive is a thing of the past. Because the dental implants function like the natural roots, the permanent dentures will feel very much like your natural teeth did.

Implanted permanent dentures can be an option for patients missing a few teeth or for patients who need full sets of dentures. The denturist will first assess the condition of the gum line to ensure the gums are healthy and capable of holding them. This type of denture requires that titanium rods be screwed into the gum line and anchored in to the bone. Once the gums have healed properly, the permanent denture is then cemented on to the titanium rods.

Permanent dentures give the denture wearer more confidence and freedom as she no longer has to worry about removing the dentures at night for her gums to “breathe” as with removable dentures. She will no longer have to soak her dentures in cleaning solution overnight or resort to using denture adhesives to keep them in place. Permanent dentures cannot get misplaced or broken as they do not leave the mouth.